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Thank you for supporting my small business, I’m delighted that you have found something you love on my page and appreciated my art!

Please see your designs attached below in pdf ready to be downloaded at your convenience.

This email provides you with official permission to use my design as a tattoo, wall art or print on your clothing. All my designs are copyrighted, please note that any use of it contrary to the license will result in legal action.

This permission is for you only, please don’t share with anyone else (including friends or family).

When you’ll be looking for something special in the future, I hope my page will be the place you think of first.

Here is your 20% discount code for your next purchase – you can share with your family and friends!


Please feel free to tag @roza.fineline and send me a photo of how you used the design, I’d absolutely love to see my designs brought to life!

Thank you!


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