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General Questions

Here are my tips for a successful and easy tattoo session.

1. Don’t drink alcohol the night before2. Stay hydrated — drink a lot of water
3. Shave and moisturise the area you’ll be getting your tattoo
(if you’re able to reach! If you can’t, I’ll do it for you when you arrive)
4. Have a good night’s sleep the night before
5. Have something to eat at least 4 hours before your appointment
6. Keep the caffeine intake on the day to a minimum
7. Avoid getting sunburnt and steer clear of fake tans
8. Do not take any blood thinners (ibuprofen, aspirin) before your appointment or the day before
9. Wear clothes that you’re not worried about getting ink on (just in case)
10. Don’t plan anything importatnt after your tattoo (the appointment duration might vary and you might also feel little tired)

Pregnant: You strongly should NOT get a tattoo when you are pregnant.


According to Australian Breastfeeding Associcion no negative impacts to babies have been reported after a mother has received a tattoo when breastfeeding. Please double check with your GP as every case is different. If you like to read more about it here is the link:

It is true. It’s also true for tattoos inside your mouth or on your elbows or knees. I’m not a massive fan of these tattoos and strongly recommend you not ink these areas, simply because they tend to drop out, blow out and fade more quickly than tattoos on other parts of the body. Before locking in one of these designs, google “healed finger tattoos” so you have a clearer idea of what I mean. Before I give you a finger, foot, knee, elbow, inside of mouth or ear tattoo I want you to be 100% sure it’s what you want.
Sorry, not quite yet! You need to be 18+ to get a tattoo with me.

Excitement is good, but nervousness is unnecessary. The way I work, it really isn’t a painful experience. Women, in particular, have a higher pain tolerance than men (and if you’ve given birth, even more so!)

If you’re a first-timer, I want you to know that it’s completely ok to speak up if something doesn’t feel right for you. In fact, I want you to. Don’t be afraid to communicate, I want you to be completely comfortable and excited!

If you’re concerned about permanence you need to feel confident in your choice. That being said, these days tattoos can be lasered off at any time! But don’t worry, I design with your wants and ideas in mind and there will be time on the day to make any adjustments together —  I absolutely want you to leave the studio in love with your new tattoo!

It’s important to contact your healthcare professional if you have any health concerns surrounding getting a tattoo. Please talk to your doctor before you come in if you’re unsure.
Yes. it’s important to know that I do not work with people who don’t trust me or my work and wish to completely change my design or refuse to follow my advice. If this is the case, we are not the right fit. That’s ok, you’ll find the artist who is! I also do not work with people who are interested in a racist, sexist or offensive tattoo. That is not the type of work that I do.


I don’t do: coverups, behind the ear tattoos, male intimate areas, tattoos over scars, touch ups or continuations after another artist.

Also no: snakes/dragons with scales, some butterflies, realistic wolfs and big cats.

I also don’t do: realistic portraits of family members (Including pets)

I usually work on the designs with the client on the day to ensure they are getting something they really love.

Sometimes, I may have them ready beforehand, but if there's anything you don't like, please let me know, and we'll change it together.

I’m ok with that. I never push anyone to do something they are not sure about. 

It’s best to not get something you’re unsure of than to get it and regret it! I’ll absolutely support your desire to make a change. But if you do have a change in mind regarding a design you’ve been booked in for, reach out to me asap to see if we can make that happen or if we have to rebook.

Please keep in mind if you want to add to the design, increase its size or add an additional tattoo, more often than not these changes cannot be made at the same appointment and we will have to rebook.

I know planning a tattoo can be difficult, but it's a decision for your whole life. Unfortunately, I can't make this decision for you. Please contact me when you will be sure of what you like to get.

 I’m happy to replicate another artist’s work, but on one condition. You have to purchase a consent from the original artist that gives you permission to have the design replicated by me. Otherwise, the design will have to change to ensure we’re not stealing another artist’s intellectual property.

That’s absolutely doable — just send me an email with the subject line: “COMMISSION”. In the email, describe your idea, attach up to 5 photos as a sample to offer additional information, then indicate how you would like to use this design (as a tattoo, logo, etc.). From there, I’ll respond with a quote along with a design licensing agreement and inform you of the next steps for the commission. The email for that is: roza.[email protected]


I’m glad you’re excited! Unfortunately, I do not accept last-minute bookings. When I have cancellations I sometimes announce available spots on my Insta stories. Please be aware that I am usually booked out 2-3 months

Sorry about that! Alternatively ou can book by sending an email which includes:

  1. Your full name
  2. Phone number
  3. How many tattoos
  4. Reference photos of the tattoo idea (max.2 photos for each idea)
  5. Size in centimetres for each tattoo
  6. Placement for each tattoo
  7. Your budget (optional)

The email is:

[email protected]

There won’t be a waitlist as it's non effective for me. However on the occasion, cancellations do pop up, so please keep an eye on my Instagram stories for any updates (@roza.fineline)

Cancellations and refunds

Yes you can, but due to the large number of cancellations tattoo artists receive (cold feet can be normal!), I have a 48-hours notice policy which I'll send to you when you make your initial booking.




All deposits are non-refundable. The deposit is the cost of administrative work needed to book the appointment. Please make responsible choices!

I love designing tattoos! But I do have a rule that I don’t create a design before I receive a deposit. The reason is, sadly, that there have been many situations where I’ve put my trust in a client, spent hours on a design and put everything I had into it, only to have them take the design to another artist (sometimes only to save a few dollars). It really hurt to have this happen, so, unfortunately, out of respect for myself, I’ve had to put this rule in place. Thank you in advance for understanding.
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